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Month: July, 2012

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #4

So now that we’ve managed to get a few of these catfish podcasts into our cyber-overalls, we’re hoping YOU are enjoying our aural ridiculousness as much as WE are.

Here are some things to look forward to in this week’s masterful podcastery:

– Our first special guest star!  It’s Jill!  And she has stuff to say!  About comic books!  And she wrote a book report!

– One of our loyal listeners wrote in to defend their favorite superhero!  How do Stu & Zach answer the charges?

– Is Zach rude enough to eat pizza while he’s recording a podcast?

– Who talks about the comic book romance they find to be, “adorable”?  Hint:  It’s Stu.

– How does Zach get his heart broken?  Hint:  It involves cosmic metal and intangibility.

– How many minutes go by before we mention, “Brian K. Vaughan”?

– What’s a, “love pit stop”?

– “The Dark Knight Rises” roundtable!

– Do you know a girl – nay, a woman – that wants to get into comic books?  Special Guest Star Jill has some advice for you!

Things go from shocking to romantic to pulpy and back!  Listen to the podcast that dares call Captain America, “The Comic Book Cow in Heat”.

If you’re only going to listen to one podcast for the rest of your life, you better listen to this!  Until the next time we ask you to listen to our podcast!


Earth 603#4

Our loyal listener Scotty loves us.  Shouldn’t you?

Kal El Thoughts

A Screenshot of an e-mail from a Loyal Listener!


Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #3

Here at Earth 603, we strive to answer the tough questions.
Here are some hot-button questions that you, fair podcast listener, will finally have answered in our newest podcast:

– What kind of burger would Monty Python endorse?

– How does, “Avengers West Coast Compound” become a catchphrase?

– Who is “The Thora Birch of Sin City”?

– What’s a Breakfast Map?

– What comic book movie does Zach love because he, “likes colors”?

– Can Earth 603 invent new words to compliment BKV’s Image book, Saga?

– Who is secretly married to Cynthia Lennon?

– Could the new Deadpool video game be the most violent game ever made?

– What cataclysmic event caused Stu to, “fly into a sulky rage”?

– Can a restaurant ultimately build their buzz if a cosmic powered superhero eats there?

Find out the answers to THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE right here on the newest episode of Earth 603 Comic Book Podcast!

Earth 603#3

Note:  We’re still waiting on iTunes to approve of the podcast and allow it to be downloaded for free from their Store.  Until then, the podcast can only be streamed from this site!

Actual Dick Tracy bed sheets owned by ZQF

Cutting Room Floor Vol. 1: Sandwiches, Aquaman & the Beatles!!

Thanks so much to everyone who listened to the first two episodes!

We have a little treat for yall!

Here are two clips that didn’t make it into the first podcast:

1. Stu and Zach talk about what makes a good sandwich:

Talk about Sandwiches

2. How do you pick your favorite Beatle?

Aquaman and the Beatles

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #2

Episode 2?! Already?!

Yes, friends! Episode 2 of Earth 603 is now available for your perusal and enjoyment.

This week’s topics include: Space Haircuts, Space Punisher, Top 5 Villains, A Comic-Con Roundup and of course, Cyborg Chickens.

A big thank you to our sponsor:  Jetpack Comics!  Jetpack Comics is where Earth 603 buys THEIR comics – shouldn’t it be where you buy YOURS?  Jetpack Comics – located in downtown Rochester, NH!


Earth603 episode 2 Edited

ps – if you like punctuation as much as we do here at Earth 603, then you’ll love this Dinosaur Comic.  We mean, “You’ll LOVE this Dinosaur Comic?!”

a.k.a. - Kallark

Respect the Shi’ar Hair Care

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #1

Hi, Everybody!  We’re Dr. Nick!

Wait.  No we’re not.  We’re Earth 603!

You know, Earth 603?

What do you mean you’ve, “never heard of Earth 603″?!

Well . . . to be fair . . . Earth 603 is a brand new ball of iridescent aural awesomeness.

Earth 603 was created by Stu Dias and Zach Foote in an attempt to offer a podcast that served the public’s needs to hear about Stu & Zach’s appreciation for the pure love and normalcy that is the marriage between Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes.  (We sometimes call them TOMKAT!  LOLZ!)

But . . . it was not to be.

So we tried to think of things that we could do a podcast about, but everything we thought of hit a hurdle for one reason or another – Salad Dressings, Trampolines, Voles, the RYOBI-TS1141L 9 Amp Miter Saw, Hungarian Glam Rock . . . the list goes on.

Finally, we thought of Comic Books!  You know – those things that kids read!  Archie!  Little Lulu!  Richie Rich!  Sonic the Hedgehog!

But mostly, we like to talk about Comic Books that big kids read.  Comic books about dreams and monkeys and devils and talking lions.

You know – AWESOME COMIC BOOKS!  But sometimes Zach doesn’t agree with Stu about what makes an awesome comic book.  And sometimes Stu thinks Zach talks too much about how handsome he finds Captain America.  And then the yelling starts.  And then the crying.  And then . . . the healing?  Well.  Probably not.

The point is this:  it’s the Earth 603 Comic Book Podcast.  And you need to start listening to it.  Because your life will never be the same.

THE PODCAST!  Right below these words!  Click on it!  Do it!  And then you will hear our voices coming at you in 5-D stereophonic super sound!

Stu Zach Comic Podcast Episode 1     <—-Yes!  This thing right here!  CLICK IT!

This is the very first Earth 603!  Stu and Zach talked for a very long time because they were excited about hearing their own voices talk about comics.  Future episodes will be a bit shorter.  Unless Zach and Stu change their minds and start podcasting about Salad Dressings.  Then we’re talking 3 hour podcasts at a minimum.

Why are you still reading this?!  You’re supposed to be listening to the Podcast!  While you knit!  Or draw with graph paper!  Or whatever the hell it is you people do while you listen to a podcast!

With love from Earth 603,