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Month: September, 2012

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #11

Happy Hendecagon to you all!

That’s right!  This blog post is an eleven-sided polygon!

Not only that, but it has 11 Purple Pooches!  It’s true!  We swear!

Eleven is kind of a rough number.  Frankly, episode #11 is kind of a rough podcast.  To be fair, Stu & Zach were recording it in the morning (a first!) surrounded by cats (a second!) and filled to the gills with imitation peach breakfast bars (not true!).

So, yeah, there are things that are way better than this episode.  However, there are a bunch of things that this episode is way better than as well.

Let’s see how it stacks up against 11 things!

11th President of the United States James K. Polk  vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Polk wins. He was the Dark Horse Candidate long before Hellboy.

11th Stanley Cup Champions, the 1937 Detroit Red Wings vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Earth 603 wins.  The Red Wings are assholes.

11th State Admitted to the Union, New York vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  New York wins.  Beautiful State.  What can we say?

#11, Former Pats QB Drew Bledsoe vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Draw.

11th Season of 7th Heaven vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Earth 603 wins.  That last season was a travesty to the good name that was 7th Heaven.

11th Episode of The Sopranos, “Nobody Knows Anything” vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  The Sopranos wins.  Some solid character work on Paulie Walnuts.

11th Official Pokemon on the National Pokemon Index, Metapod vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Earth 603 wins by a healthy margin.  Metapod is basically flying edamame.

11th Element on the Periodic Table, Sodium vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Sodium wins.  It makes everything so salty and melts ice in the winter!

11th Episode of Lost, “All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues” vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Lost wins.  That was the episode where you think Charlie is dead and then Jack saves him and Locke and Boone first find the top of the metal hatch underground!  Oh, man.  That takes us back.

Apollo 11 vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Apollo 11 totally wins.  That’s when Neil Armstrong found the Inhumans and The Watcher!

11th Amendment of the of the U.S. Constitution vs. Earth 603 Episode #11:  Earth 603 wins.  11th Amendment?  It’s like, Judicial Rights of the States . . . and stuff.  We don’t know.  Boooorrrrriiinnnggg.

So, how did it turn out?  4 wins, 6 losses, 1 tie.  Eh.  That doesn’t sound good, does it?

Let’s let you find out for yourselves!  Oh, and be wary:  DON’T SMACK TALK THE GHOST RIDER OR STU WILL CRY.

Seriously. It glows in the dark.


So, here we are, my hendecagonian friends!  It’s Episode ELEVEN:  Earth 603#11



Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #10 ~ PART TWO!

Good morning, team.

When we last left our intrepid podcasters, they were facing down the ultimate horror.  Yes, that’s right – an evil born from once mythological laser fire transmuted through a micron looking glass of ridicule!  God, is it the weekend yet?  I can’t make this shit sound good on a Tuesday afternoon, let alone a Friday morning.

So.  Yeah.  We talked a lot.  And then we split up the episode into two parts.  And now here’s the second part.  Just in time for this week’s TOP FIVE.

Oh.  And for those of you that listen all the way to the end?  Well . . . our special guest Rich Brunelle of Jetpack Comics has quite the enticing offer for anyone who’s listening to the podcast and wants to make a visit to Jetpack Comics!  Perhaps . . . I’ve said too much?

Let’s just give you this double (double?) sneak peek of Episode 10.2:

Just some double Sentries is all.

Robert Reynolds-es! Robert Reynoldsi? Reynoldseuse?!

(Which is also the name of my new band)


Well, dear reader/listener:  If that bit of insanity isn’t enough to whet your Frankenstein whistle, then perhaps there’s no hope for society after all.

Either way, this watermelon’s not gonna fry itself:  Earth603#10-2


Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #10 ~ PART ONE!

Ladies.  Gentlemen.  Cats.  Hamsters.  Welcome.  We welcome you.

We really welcome you.

This is big people.  This is REALLY big.

This is Big Banana Slug Big.

Banana Slug?


It’s Episode 10.  IT’S EPISODE TEN!  And as you may have gleaned from the title of this post, it’s a podcast so BIG, so GRAND, so SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE – we had to split it up into two parts!


For our tenth episode, we had very special guest Rich Brunelle, Manager Supreme of Jetpack Comics on the podcast.  He joined us in looking over last week’s books in, “Talkin’ ‘Bout the Issues”, he helped us answer Listener Mail, presented a Book Report and even threw down his Top 5 picks with us!  But this episode was so fantastically awesome that it got a little out of hand and the next thing we knew we’d been podcasting for 9 straight hours.  Luckily, Stu was able to edit it down to something more manageable.  But it gave birth to the very first Earth 603 2-parter!  (And no, Larry, it wasn’t birthed in the fires of Apokolips, just a moderately warm undisclosed Dover location.)

Marvel at three people yelling about comics as opposed to the regular two!

Find out just how much said people can talk about Avengers Vs. X-Men!  (A lot.)

Discover what side of the debate we land on in the Digital Vs. Print argument!  (About where you’d expect.)

Recoil in horror as you realize Zach’s torn loyalty in the biblical tragedy of Good Vs. Plenty!  (Too soon to tell.)

Thanks for sticking with us for ten straight comic book podcasts!  Here’s to another 100 Episodes!  (Or, I don’t know, like 7.  Or something.)

“Episode #10 ~ Part Two” will be uploaded for your listening pleasure on Friday, 09/21/12!  That’s the episode where you find out that the Chinese took Jack Bauer to the raft that Walt is on that was given to him by Kristen Shepard before she shot J.R. and woke up two year’s later with a scar on her stomach in the junkyard where Tuco killed his henchman!  DRAMA!

But for now, enjoy the sonic nightingale that is Episode #10 ~ Part One:  Earth603 #10 – Part 1

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Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #9

Oh, hello.  We didn’t see you there.  But now we do.  We sure are glad you decided to come and visit us.  We know you’ve had a rough few days.  What with the sour milk.  And the crab grass.  And the Fire Ants from Dimension Z.  We sympathize.  We truly do.  And that’s why we’ve made this latest podcast for you.  Just you.  So sit back and relax and rest those tired feet in a nice bucket of sweet milk while you play back our latest, nothing-but-relaxing comic book podcast.  But first?  A few questions.

Do you like shoes?

Do you like superheroes?

If you answered, “MYGODYES!” to one, both or neither of those questions then, boy howdy, are you going to like Episode #9!

It has SO MANY SHOES.  SO, SO, SO, SO (so) many shoes.  We’re talkin’ ’bout shoes.

Also, it has a little bit about comic books.  But not so much that it overpowers the shoes.  Let us be clear.

Human Torch totally wins this contest

Fantastic Four Shoes! Yes! Um! OK!

So, anyway – Episode #9.  We think you’ll like it.  It has a lot of stuff.  So take your sweet milk funnel out from the shed and prepare your ears.  It’s here, it has crazy feet and it’s fabulous:  Earth 603#9

– Stu & Zach

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #8

Wow.  September already?!  It’s true, you guys.  IT’S SEPTEMBER!  It’s National Green Day Awareness Month!
Listen.  We’ve been gone for a bit and we’ve been worried about you.  Have you been worried about us?  You shouldn’t be.  We’ve been eating well.  We’ve been drinking well.  We’ve been learning some new dance steps that we think you’ll all enjoy.

Here’s a helpful Q & A to help you get up to speed on the world of Earth 603:

Q:  What First Lady does Stu compare Zach to?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s delicious.

Q:  Did Stu force Zach into reading a comic book about the Rocketeer?

A:  We can’t tell you, but probably.

Q:  What’s in-between “Days of Yore” and “Yesteryear?”  More importantly, what are the, “Leaf 90’s” and how do they compare to the, “Gay 90’s”?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s HILARIOUS!

Q:  What is Stu’s favorite RPG?

A:  Spoiler Alert:  ONE OF ZACH’S FAVORITE RPGs!  We can’t tell what it is.  But it’s kismet!

Q:  What kind of food does Zach inappropriately eat during the podcast?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s pink, white, and tastes like licorice.

Q:  Would Zach try to woo Spider-Man back with a fish sandwich?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s pretty unlikely.

Q:  What word does Zach say the most in this episode:  Hair, Pace, Pee, Armpit

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s one of those.

Q:  What’s the difference between, “character” vs. “entity”?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it ROCKS THE TOP 5!  [Well, it doesn’t really “rock” it.  We’re just giving you the hard sell.]

Q:  What kind of dipping sauce does Stu like to use on sweet potato fries when he’s on a superhero date?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’ll give you bad breath.

Q:  What comic book does Zach call, “a real eye-opener”?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s probably, “Locke & Key”.  Oops.  We told you.

Q:  Does it make Zach uncomfortable when Stu says, “warm transfer”.

A:  We can’t t-  Oh, good God, yes.

Q:  What kind of voice can Stu use only once a day?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s definitely not his, “squeaky clown voice”.

Q:  What cosmic superhero does Zach love who’s also a serviceable poet?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’s not Walt Whitman of Saturn!

Q:  Do people actually refer to Stu as, “The God of Oblivion”?

A:  We can’t tell you, but what do you think?  [Hint:  Yes.]

Q:  What is Password:  The Fire Dick Edition?

A:  We can’t tell you, but it’ll be on Game Show Network this Fall.

Q:  Who’s autobiography is entitled, “Come Back Some Other Day, Sweet Gladiator”?

A:  We can’t tell you, but, I mean – come on, you’ve got a 50/50 chance.

Q:  If your feet were made out of suits in a card deck, what suits would make the best feet?

A:  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THE ISSUES THAT THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA WON’T TOUCH!  But we can’t tell you right now.  You’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Q:  Speaking of which, how many more of these questions do I have to read before I can just listen to the damned podcast?

A:  Hmmmmm.  Now seems good!

ENJOY Episode #8:  Earth 603#8

Jack of Hearts

Why did you throw the Jack of Hearts away? (WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU, BRIAN BENDIS!)

This picture of Attuma doesn’t make sense right now. But, it will. OH. IT WILL.