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Month: October, 2012

Cutting Room Floor Vol. 2: Licorice, Pretty Boys & Cats

Delicious Good & Plenty!

After a long hiatus, we return to our Cutting Room Floor feature!  Halloween style!

Well.  It’s not really Halloween style.  It’s just being published on Halloween.  As far as we know, there’s no Monster Mashing to be done.  [AS FAR AS WE KNOW.]


Stu, Zach & Jill starring in:  “Agenda Confusion!”

The biggest battle of the 21st Century:  Katz vs. Cats

“Ladies & Gentlemen” is so 5 minutes ago.  Now we have:  Gentlemen + Toughwomen

Recoil at the robotic horror that is:  Zach’s Circuits Break Down

It’s the beginning of an epic:  Good & Plenty – Part 1: The Laugh Police

Now it’s time for another part of that EPIC bit of EPIC EPICOSITY:  Good & Plenty – Part 2: Crazy Hi-Jinx

It seems like it happens every 5 minutes or so – so it’s no surprise:  Zach is Spinning Out!

The greatest scourge the comic book community has ever known:  Pretty Boy Clow!

We love you Jetpack Comics, but is it time for a new sponsor?  Maybe:  Our Newest Sponsor: Karnak’s Cognac

Happy Halloween, Earth603 Fans!


Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #16

Books Covered:  Mind MGMT #6, Fables #122, Avengers #32, AvX: Consequences #3, Captain America #19, FF #23, Ghost #1, Revival #4, Alan Robert’s Killogy #1

Top Five:  Scariest Comic Books (SpoooOOooOOoOoky!)

Country Talked About the Most:  North Korea

Second Most:  Croatia

Third Most:  New Zealand

Event From the 1900 Olympics That Earth 603 Would Have Totally DOMINATED:  Croquet

Favorite New Superhero That We Just Made Up:  Frankenstorm, Agent of W.E.A.T.H.E.R.

We didn’t know Richie Rich and Little Audrey were North Korean?!

It’s Earth 603.  And it’s here to cure all of your Hurricane Salamander ills.  Well, what are you waiting for?!

Warning – Our Language in Episode #16 is EXTRA salty!  You’ll need fresh lemonade to counter the saltiness!

Salt away:  Earth 603 #16

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #15

Books Covered:  Hawkeye #3, X-Factor #245, Venom #26, AvX: Consequences #2, Casanova

Top Five:  Books You’d Recommend To Someone Who’s Never Read a Comic Book


Sometimes people ask us here at Earth 603, “Hey, guys – what’s your favorite comic book of all time?”

Well.  That’s a good question.  But it’s also an impossible one.

Let’s tackle a possible question first:

What was the very first comic book that you bought?

We’ve discussed Zach’s first comic book before.  And we’ve alluded to Stu’s.  But did you know Larry’s?  That’s right – Larry Clow!  Our special guest for Episode #15!



Larry + Mutant Skeltons = True Love


Zach’s very respectable first comic ever.


Stu’s first comic book was the first volume of Sandman b/c of COURSE IT WAS.

But that’s not your question.  Your question is, “What’s your favorite way to tastefully block full frontal male nudity in comic books in the year 2012?”

Listen.  That’s a FANTASTIC QUESTION.  And THAT’S a question that Earth 603 is READY TO ANSWER.

Hawkeye Penis Guard – To the Rescue!

Do you like Hawkeye Penis Guards?  Do you LOVE Hawkeye Penis Guards?  Well Stu does.  And Zach does.  And Larry Clow SURE AS HELL does.

So, sit back, relax, and grab yourself a purple face cowl and listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of comic book talk.  And the prom.  And Japan.

And nudity.  We mentioned the nudity, right?

Go for it: Earth 603#15

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #14

Books Covered:  Uncanny Avengers #1, AvX: Consequences #1, Batman #13, Wolverine & The X-Men #18, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #13, Punk Rock Jesus #4, Transfusion #1, Think Tank #3, Avengers #31, Captain America #18, Scarlet Spider #10, Space Punisher #4

Top Five:  Books We Didn’t Expect to Like

The NYCCC* happened this last weekend and we talk about it in our new podcast!  Well.  Kind of we do.

* – New York Comic Con, that extra “C” is a typo.
San Diego Comic Con is a thing.  But we don’t talk about it in this episode.

There were almost some cats in this episode.  Well.  There ARE cats in this episode.  But their meowing is so quiet that you could only hear it with tiny little ears.  Or really, really BIG ears!

We talk a bit about Five Alive in this episode.  Do you remember Five Alive?  It was (is?) this thing.  It’s lots of juices together in a carton or can.  You maybe can buy it at Market Basket.  But we understand that there isn’t a Market Basket in Japan.  At least we don’t think there is.  We talk about all of this in this episode.

We have no idea what a snow crop of Five Alive is. BUT IT SOUNDS FROSTY!

We talked a bit about Broo in this episode.  Do you know Broo?  We’ve talked about him before.  He’s in the series they call, “Wolverine & The X-Men”.  It’s a comic book that Stu and Zach both like.  AND THEY LIKE TO TALK ABOUT IT!  Mostly.

Do you know why we like Broo so much?


Ok, ok – enough of this.  The magnitude of this episode has already caused an earthquake across New England.

Duck and cover, friends.  Duck and cover:  Earth 603 #14

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #13

Books Covered:  Animal Man #13, Swamp Thing #13, Fairest #8, Non-Humans #1, AvX #12, Daredevil: End of Days #1, Minimum Carnage Alpha #1, Uncanny X-Men #19

Top Five:  Comic Book Fictional Locations

Do you like cupcakes?  We do.  You probably do too.  I mean, who doesn’t like cupcakes?

Do you like comic books?  We do.  You probably do too.  I mean, who doesn’t like comic books?  Well.  A lot of people don’t like comic books.  They think they’re too, “BAM!” and, “BOP!” and, “SQLORCH!”.  But that’s just an old cliche propagated by the 1960’s Batman tv show.  You know the one.  The one where Vincent Price is Egghead.

You know – Egghead:


Creepy ol’ Vincent Price.  I mean, um, Creepy ol’ Egghead!

But anyway – we’re not here to talk about Egghead.  We’re here to talk about cupcakes.  Specifically superhero cupcakes.

Like these superhero cupcakes!

Radioactive Cupcakery!

Phoenix Cupcakery!

Pretty sweet cupcakes, huh?  HA, HA, HA!  Get it??  Because cupcakes are usually SWEET WHEN YOU TASTE THEM!

Anyway.  We recorded a podcast and talked about comic books.  Maybe you’ll like to listen to it!

Let’s find out:  Earth 603 #13

Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #12

Books Covered:  Wolverine & The X-Men #17, Happy #1, Fantastic Four #610, FF #22, Debris #3

Top Five:  Creator Owned Series


Meanwhile, back on Earth 603, Zach recalls his boyhood crush on Jennifer Capriati:

Jennifer Marie Capriati (born March 29, 1976) is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player, and the winner of three women’s singles championships in Grand Slam tournaments. Capriati made her professional debut in 1990 at the age of 13 years 11 months when she reached the finals of the hard court tournament in Boca Raton, Florida, losing there to Gabriela Sabatini. Capriati reached the semifinals of the French Open in her debut and later became the youngest ever player to crack the top 10 at age 14 years, 235 days in October of that year. Between 1990 and 1993, Capriati won six singles titles, including a Gold Medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, defeating Steffi Graf in the final. Following a first round loss at the 1993 U.S. Open, the burned out Capriati took a 14-month break from competitive pro tennis. Her personal struggles during this time (including arrests for shoplifting and possession of marijuana) were well-documented by the press.

In 1998, Capriati won her first Grand Slam singles match in five years at Wimbledon. During the next two years, Capriati slowly returned to championship form, winning her first title in six years in Strasbourg, France in 1999 and regaining a top 20 ranking. At the 2001 Australian Open, the reinvigorated Capriati became the lowest seed to ever win the championship when she defeated Martina Hingis (ranked number one in the world at the time) in straight sets for her first Grand Slam championship. She also won the French Open that year, claiming the number one ranking in October. After successfully defending her Australian Open crown in 2002, Capriati became a top ten mainstay until injuries derailed her career in 2004.

Capriati won 14 professional singles tournaments during her career, along with one women’s doubles championship.

In 2005, Tennis magazine ranked Capriati number 36 in its list of the 40 greatest players in the 40 years of that magazine.

On July 14, 2012, Capriati was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.[2]


What the hell did Betty have for lunch?!

Well.  We think you have all the information you need to enjoy Earth 603 Podcast Episode #12!  Have fun:  Earth603#12

NOTE:  This is not a family-friendly edition of Earth 603.  If you listen to this podcast with your toddler or grandparents, PLEASE SKIP Episode #12!  But tell your baby and Maw-Maw that we say hello!  We miss Maw Maw’s banana bread!

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