Earth 603 Podcast – Episode #41

by earth603

Books Covered:  Chin Music #1, Thor: God of Thunder #8, Uncanny Avengers #8, Uncanny X-Force #4, Avengers Arena #9, Avengers #11, Deadpool #9, Storm Dogs #5

Top Five:  Comic Book Moms

Good afternoon, everyone.

We hope you had a glorious Mother’s Day. Did you buy your mother any nice comic books? Maybe some delightful, “Man Eating Cow” or some perspicacious, “Paul the Samurai”?

Either way, we’re just happy that you’re here. You’re breathing. You’ve cut down on your candy bean intake. You’ve started working on your geocaching merit badge again. Don’t let us down – we know you can achieve your goals! Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars! Nothing’s gonna stop us now!

Happy Moooother's Day! (See what we did there?)

Happy Moooother’s Day!
(See what we did there?)

Happy Mosamuraither's Day! (See what we did there?)

Happy Mosamuraither’s Day!
(See what we did there?)


If you had a chance to use a time machine – Dr. Doom’s or otherwise – what time period would you choose to travel to? I’m pretty sure our answer is an undebatable, unassailable Spring 1996. Why? Well, it’s only when the GREATEST HAPPY MEAL TOYS OF ALL TIME WERE RELEASED! Yes, that’s right, the Marvel Super Hero Happy Meals. Specifically, the temperature change Invisible Woman. Forged in the lava of Mount Hypercolor, this magical piece of plastic Sue Stormery opened a portal to pure imagination . . . in your heart. Or my heart. Or OUR heart. All of our hearts. Baboon or otherwise.

Feast your eyes on the wonder:


Oh, right. There’s also a podcast. Whatever: